News Update as of May 3rd – two more novels completed…

  • (2014-05-03) Believe it or not, I have two novels sitting in the wings RUNNING FROM DESTINY and THE CODE BREAKER. They’re both looking for a publishing home and I’m working the logistics for that. I’m also working on a third, called THE UNDYING.To tease you folks, here are the descriptions for the two completed novels.RUNNING FROM DESTINY:
    Seventeen-year-old Jason Rogers had just graduated from high school when his world was shattered in the fiery explosion that killed his parents. Not only were his parents dead, but the government agency that was holding him in isolation claimed the explosion was his fault.

    Anya is a sixteen-year-old girl with an identity crisis. Her father is the head of a secret agency in the NSA that handles people with special problems. Only after she’s betrayed by one of her father’s best friends does she realize that the agency can turn on its own.

    Jason and Anya’s lives collide and they both find themselves on the run from the agency that seems hell bent on retrieving Anya and erasing Jason from existence. In time, Jason finds himself playing a part he never expected as the focus of some ancient prophecy.

    If Jason accepts his destiny as it’s written, it would be far more responsibility than he wants or thinks he can handle. Yet refusing could cost him not only his life, but Anya’s as well. The fate of the world lies in the balance.

    As far as eighteen-year-old Jeremiah’s concerned, his life vanished five years ago with the fevers that nearly killed him and wiped his memory.  But with the illness came a strange new gift–the ability to hear the thoughts of others.  Since recovering, life had become progressively more complicated as his mother’s dementia worsened. Only when Jeremiah comes home from work to discover a KGB agent dead at the hands of his now-lucid mother does he find himself fleeing all he knew. Trying to evade a past he cannot remember, his globetrotting escape takes him into situations he could never have imagined.