ICE CREAM BREAD (Two ingredients! No, not a joke)

I posted this same recipe on Facebook and it went viral (110,000+ shares), and since it has been a while since I posted a recipe on my blog, here you go.

ICE CREAM BREAD (Two ingredients! No, not a joke)

(Perfect for making with the kids and infinite varieties)

Makes One 8 x 4 loaf

  • 2 Cups Ice Cream, any flavor, softened
  • 1 1/2 cups Self-Rising Flour

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Prime Rib Recipe

Tonight was Prime Rib night, so below is the plate I’d put together.



Cooking a prime rib isn’t very difficult, but if you’re the type who don’t like meat pink and must kill the meat, just do me and all true meat-eaters a favor … don’t make a prime rib.

1 3-4 bone prime rib, bones and excess fat removed and reserved (usually about 7-8 lbs)
2 tablespoons of kosher salt (approximately)
Freshly ground black pepper
3-4 sprigs fresh rosemary
4 cloves garlic, smashed
1 large leek
1 parsnip
4 cups of beef broth


Preheat the oven to 400 degrees F.

Sprinkle the prime rib with salt and pepper on all sides and let the prime rib rest for one to two hours on the counter to get to room temperature. Do the same seasoning for the bones.

We’re going to have the ribs themselves act as the roasting rack. Put the reserved ribs in a roasting pan curved-side up.  Place the trimmings and extra fat into the roasting pan as well and then roast the bones and trimmings for about 30 minutes.

Once roasted, remove the pan from the oven and place the rosemary on top of the roasted bones. Then go ahead and place the prime rib on the rosemary.

Put the smashed garlic, sliced parsnip and leeks into the bottom of the pan along with the trimmings. Add the beef broth and return the pan to the oven.

Cook for 30 minutes and then baste the roast again.

Reduce the heat to 350 degrees F and cook until the meat is medium rare (an internal temperature of 135 degrees F to 140 degrees F), about 1 hour, 15 minutes, basting the roast every 30 minutes until it is done.


Smoked Brisket Recipe (with great spice rub recipe too!)

Look what I am cooking this weekend!  Yum….
I literally made this within the last week. I adopted this recipe from something I had at a restaurant in the south, and there are many similar variations floating around. This one I can tell you is the best smoked brisket I’ve ever made. Well, it is if you like a smoky brisket that isn’t too salty, but has a great outer bark with lots of flavor and is oh so juicy.

Adventures in Cheese – Biohazard Discovered!

I made the mistake not too long ago of getting into a mood to taste some cheeses I had not had before.  Well, for whatever reason, being somewhat of a gastronomical adventurer, I did pick up a couple of the blue-veined types, a couple of other somewhat unfamiliar cow and goat cheeses, and some of the more adventuresome creamy/oozie/smelly types.  Note – you can’t really get too adventurous in the US since all imported cheeses are made from pasteurized milk and the French (and others I’m sure) would say that this automatically eliminates most of the “flavor” and adventure from the cheese experience.  Nonetheless, I’d say that I really do enjoy a good blue cheese – especially with a nice apple or tart accompaniment.

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