A sample scene … introducing Nate Carrington

While other stories wend their way through the editing/pitch/publishing process, I am working on a medical thriller and figured I’d share a short scene I’d literally just written. I’m introducing one of the characters in the story, he’s an FBI forensic examiner, 48, and the first scene you encounter him is this one:

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People Have Lost Their Minds

So many people have lost their mind and those of you who are rabble-rousing need a time out.


People sometimes see what they want to see in anyone’s message.

I’m not here to debate politics, I try to leave this blog to literary things and whimsy, however, if you believe that the only way to interpret someone’s behavior is the way YOU personally interpret it, then you’re a flawed human being.

Two well-meaning people can see exactly the same thing and come away with totally different views on what they’ve seen.

So regardless of the issue, if people don’t see it the way you do, that does NOT make them evil, racist, stupid or crazy.

And yes, that even means followers of Trump or Hillary – none of them are necessarily any of those things, but if you insist that they are, even by proxy, then YOU are the problem.

I’ll add fuel to the fire and say that I hate celery! There, I finally did it. I’ve admitted it publicly and I don’t care if it is your favorite vegetable. I hate it. But I know that others can appreciate that it might not be of the Devil and even might serve some culinary purpose – so I accept that. I’ll need to tolerate you celery lovers, even though you’re all possibly deranged – I’ll try to keep my thoughts about your disgusting celery habits to myself.  😆

That is all….

Hello Darkness

Hello darkness, my old friend,
I’ve come to drink you again,
When your grounds are steeping,
Aroma drifts to me while I’m sleeping,
And the vision that was planted in my brain,
Still remains.
Within the sound of brewing.