To Be Released

Current Status

The draft of this manuscript is currently First Draft.

First Draft

I’m writing the first words of the book. Shh – I’m thinking good thoughts.

Second Draft

This is what I’d call my Alpha phase. I’ve written what I meant to write, testing it with a few key people and making updates based on their responses.

Third Draft –

This is what I’d call my Beta phase. I’m usually pretty happy with what I’ve got so far, but testing it with a wider audience to see if there’s anything I missed.

On Submission – 

The manuscript is in the editor’s hands at a publisher.  This is the last stage that I track. Sometime after it goes into the publisher’s hands, some editing back and forth between me and the publisher – and once the dust settles, the book goes into a pre-orderable phase. This is usually when I breathe a sigh of relief and the machine takes over. You’ll typically see the book go from “On Submission” to appearing under my released book area on the site.

On Hold – 

I’ve temporarily stopped work on the manuscript because other manuscripts have taken priority. Suffice it to say, if I still have the page up for this title, I plan on eventually completing it, but likely have no fixed schedule for it at the moment.

Brief Description

I haven’t gotten around to writing a good description yet. Too busy fiddling with the story.

This story is a little different than my normal ones. Unlike the others, this one I’m looking at being an ongoing series with the lead character(s) playing the recurring role.

Also – the name of this is likely going to change as I get closer to the end, I can feel it. 😉

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