Prime Rib Recipe

Tonight was Prime Rib night, so below is the plate I’d put together.



Cooking a prime rib isn’t very difficult, but if you’re the type who don’t like meat pink and must kill the meat, just do me and all true meat-eaters a favor … don’t make a prime rib.

1 3-4 bone prime rib, bones and excess fat removed and reserved (usually about 7-8 lbs)
2 tablespoons of kosher salt (approximately)
Freshly ground black pepper
3-4 sprigs fresh rosemary
4 cloves garlic, smashed
1 large leek
1 parsnip
4 cups of beef broth


Preheat the oven to 400 degrees F.

Sprinkle the prime rib with salt and pepper on all sides and let the prime rib rest for one to two hours on the counter to get to room temperature. Do the same seasoning for the bones.

We’re going to have the ribs themselves act as the roasting rack. Put the reserved ribs in a roasting pan curved-side up.  Place the trimmings and extra fat into the roasting pan as well and then roast the bones and trimmings for about 30 minutes.

Once roasted, remove the pan from the oven and place the rosemary on top of the roasted bones. Then go ahead and place the prime rib on the rosemary.

Put the smashed garlic, sliced parsnip and leeks into the bottom of the pan along with the trimmings. Add the beef broth and return the pan to the oven.

Cook for 30 minutes and then baste the roast again.

Reduce the heat to 350 degrees F and cook until the meat is medium rare (an internal temperature of 135 degrees F to 140 degrees F), about 1 hour, 15 minutes, basting the roast every 30 minutes until it is done.


Just about to submit a novel….



This is the first scene from a book I’m about to submit…..

I’ll probably do one last edit run beforehand, but wish me luck.
It will be my first foray into what I’d easily call Science Fiction.


Annoyed that he’d been wakened in the middle of the night, Burt Radcliffe, the fifty-year-old head of NASA’s Near Earth Object program was deeply worried by the alerts he’d received from the Jet Propulsion Lab.  Every couple of months, there’d be an alert from NEO’s early warning system about a space object that had a chance of hitting the Earth. Usually, these things were nothing to be concerned about, but this morning was exceptional—Burt had been flooded with hundreds of alerts.

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BROKEN WARRIOR – sample chapters

This is an excerpt of a Paranormal Thriller I’m dabbling with called BROKEN WARRIOR.

I’m waiting for other things which are complete to get acquired before going much further with this. I have probably about 20,000 words written on this and the rest of it outlined, but I’ll share the first two chapters. In these two chapters, you are introduced to the two main characters, Levi and Katarina.

I hope you enjoy,



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A Rebuttal To The Horrendous GQ Article on Ben Carson

I rarely criticize people or politics. I don’t do it, simply because I know that each side in a discussion has good reasons for their views, and even though I may or may not agree with them, live and let live. However, with the recent article that GQ (a reasonably major magazine) put out which lampooned a president candidate with the audacious title of “F-ck Ben Carson” [replace the “-” with letter of choice] – the hypocrisy was so great in my mind, I am choosing to break my silence.

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WorldCon and the Aftermath

My boys (ages 12 and 14) and I did attend Sasquan (the WorldCon located in Spokane) this year and it was a first for all of us.

I’ll freely admit that we are new to this convention circuit, so it was with very little preconceived notions that we arrived.

Let’s suffice it to say that the only thing I had to compare it against was a Comic-Con, which WorldCon is certainly not. It is a much smaller venue. Somehow, I’d call it less commercial, which is neither good nor bad. The convention itself I thought was reasonable, but there was a tension in the air.

Much of the tension I won’t even go into simply because I leave this blog to mostly literary topics and I try to leave politics out of the things I might discuss. However, since I mentioned it – I’ll simply say that the WorldCon is also where the Hugo awards are given out, and my kids were actually fairly excited about that.

Behind the Hugo awards, there’d been much gnashing of teeth, both with regards to what was on the ballot and the perceived quality of this year’s works. Suffice it to say that there is an “old guard” established within WorldCon. Folks who’ve been participating for literally decades. And then there was what I’ll call the “new guard” – the ones who only recently came to WorldCon and found the works that had been winning the Hugo awards were unsatisfying.

Being that I and my kids are total newcomers, we didn’t have a particular ticket on this political ride, but into the maelstrom we went.

In fact, my kids were sufficiently excited (because they could participate) that they read the material on the ballots and went about deciding which they thought were deserving of the best of the list.

Since my POV tends to be much more sober and expecting the worst, I’ll try to represent my children’s views and reactions. Let’s just say, I think we’ll be sticking to Comic-Cons from now on.

The picture below is just before us walking into the Hugo ceremonies. They’re excited about it all (yes, that’s my older son’s excited look – what can I say, he’s 14.)

I just find it a pity that they didn’t feel anything other than bewilderment and bitterness toward the people in the auditorium after the ceremonies.


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With Today’s Political Climate Being What It Is….

In today’s society, I find that many people inevitably exist in three states of awareness when it comes to ideology/politics.

1) They are completely oblivious [low-information]
2) They are somewhat in tune with an ideology, but their information comes from hearsay [oftentimes friends and social circles]
3) They are engrossed in ideology/politics and oftentimes this is backed by data, which they can point to, that affirms their beliefs.

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Shh! Currently Scribbling…. and minor status update


And to think that I’m writing something that explains all about the Tolman-Oppenheimer-Volkoff limit…..

Yes folks, Rothman’s writing an honest to G-d hard SF novel … the working title is THE PRIMORDIAL THREAT.

Leveraging all of my technology expertise, the computer side is easy. However I did lean on some rather famous astrophysicist that folks have seen on TV to make sure I didn’t make any eye-roll-worthy mistakes on the edges of theoretical physics. I was mildly surprised that I got the green light with only a few tweaks here and there.

First draft completion is scheduled for the end of July, followed immediately by some heavy editing and then distribution to alpha readers (you know who you are.)

Oh – and at least two of the other manuscripts I’ve long-ago finished are waiting for a home – I hope to be able to announce something soon, but these things sometimes take time. No … more time than that – it’s sometimes glacial.

And yes, DISPOCALYPSE is in the final stages of editing. That one will soon go into the submission bucket as well.

Of course, for many of the items in submission, I already have blurbs such as:

“Rothman skillfully mixes elements of wisecracking fiction with Indiana Jones–style mystical artifacts, and he brings the whole novel to a well-turned cliffhanger ending.”  [Kirkus Reviews]

“Michael Rothman’s THE CODE BREAKER is an engaging, fast-paced thriller with a great premise and very real characters. Will please fans of Dean Koontz and The Da Vinci Code.”
— Kevin J. Anderson, New York Times bestselling author of The Dark Between the Stars.

“Michael Rothman’s THE CODE BREAKER takes the reader on a roller-coaster of a ride, moving from intrigue, to excitement, and beyond that into the realm of profound.  This isn’t just a good book, this one is truly epic.”
— David Farland, New York Times Bestselling, Award-winning Author

“Michael Rothman delivers a taut YA thriller that offers an abundance of intrigue, wonder, and adventure. A powerful and promising new series!”
— David Farland, New York Times Bestselling, Award-winning Author