Although I try to make myself accessible through a variety of social media portals, I wanted to be clear about what people could reasonably expect on this site as well as my other portals.

This web site

You’ll find that most of my comments on here relate to writing, books or if you can believe it, cooking. Since this blog allows for more flexibility on how and what I share, you’ll find many of my posts are initiated on this site and reflected on my other portals as well.

You’ll also notice that I keep any events or news reasonably organized on here as do I keep my list of ongoing projects. This is probably the first place to look for things related to what I’m doing author-wise.

Facebook Author Site

The Facebook author portal will largely reflect many of my posts from my blog. I may occasionally put something out on the Facebook portal that I choose not to blog about here.

Facebook Personal Site

This is where I’m relatively unpredictable. I, for very obvious reasons, avoid controversial topics such as politics or other hot-buttons, but you might see me every once in a while slip. 😉

In addition, this is where you might see me share extremely random things like kitten pictures, sports scores, or the shaking of my fist at the thing that made me less than thrilled.

If you’re looking for the portal that is most likely to reflect my warm “lovable” personality, this is the one.


On rare occasion, I’ll tweet something, but it’s rare that what I have to say can be contained in 140 characters. I do monitor it and am likely to respond to things there as well. I will note that Twitter does act as a reflector of my posts from my blog as well.

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