Synopsis for Princess Interrupted…..short [2 pages]

Synopsis for Princess Interrupted

Fourteen-year-old Arabelle is the daughter of a merchant king in the land of Trimoria. Her mother died giving birth, so her father dotes on her. Being the only child of the king, she’s been afforded a life of leisure. However, with such a position, come burdens. Her father is quite protective, and Arabelle is never allowed anywhere without an armed escort.

Unfortunately, Arabelle, being inquisitive and rambunctious, sometimes finds opportunities to lose her escorts and go exploring. On one such occasion, her life is forever changed.

One night she explores the nearby woods that have long been rumored to be haunted. Over the years she has spied upon, and on rare occasions, talked with the inhabitants of the woods.

Elves really exist! She is the only person that she knows of who has ever even observed them. On one fateful day, she’s looking for signs of her elusive quarry when a strange creature from another age encounters her.

With a hiss, a green dragon hatchling opens its maw, and before Arabelle realizes what is happening, an elf appears and dispatches the dragon.

Her last memory is when she looks down at herself and sees two burning holes in her shirt where the dragon had spewed its spittle at her.

On this day, Arabelle learns several things:

  1. While she is unconscious, a mysterious spirit named Seder informs her that she is tasked with a mission that holds dire consequences.
  2. If she fails to accomplish what is expected, the fate of her own people is in jeopardy.
  3. The elves let her know that she’s been poisoned by the dragon.
  4. The poison has no cure, and she will likely die.
  5. The elves eventually can teach her that it was possible for her to survive the poison, but it requires physical discipline and training.

With help from Castien, an elven sword master, she is given the physical training she needs to endure. However, as a result of the training, she learns what it means to be “A princess with claws.”

As Arabelle suffers, a little known cousin of the dwarven race known as the Ta’ah send two emissaries across a great magical barrier. Their mission is to contact the king of Trimoria. The emissaries are a father and his young son named Grisham, however, due to their people’s isolation behind the barrier, the Ta’ah are missing a critical piece of information. The king and his progeny had long ago been eradicated by a wizard tyrant named Azazel.

Even though the Ta’ah look like their dwarf cousins, they eschew traditional combat arts and prefer scholarly work. One other major difference between them is that unlike their dwarf cousins, the Ta’ah have magical abilities. While Grisham’s powers have yet to be realized due to his young age, his father’s powers are strong.

In today’s Trimoria, the sorcerer Azazel strictly forbids wizardry by others, and his spies are everywhere. As the two dwarves search for the king, the father’s abilities are discovered, and eventually Azazel himself tracks them down.

Grisham’s father sacrifices himself so that his son can escape and live another day.

Grisham’s adventures involve not only the loss of his father, which devastates the young twelve-year-old dwarf. He manages to be captured by slavers, and only as a slave does he learn about his fate.

He too is visited by the mysterious spirit, Seder. From this visit, he learns that his mission to find the king is not hopeless. In these slave mines, far below the ground, he acquires unique powers. Powers he barely understands, yet with them, he manages to help himself, along with other slaves, escape the depths of the mines and their slavery.

As fate would have it, Grisham and the other slaves are found by the caravan of merchants run by Arabelle’s father. Their fates intertwine in unexpected ways.

In the meantime, Azazel himself is visited by a mysterious female figure. She predicts the arrival of strangers to Trimoria, ones that would upset the plans that she has for Azazel.

Azazel sends his chief assassin, Kirag, to track down and find the strangers regardless of where they might be. At Kirag’s disposal are all of Azazel’s troops.

While all of Azazel’s minions are on alert, Arabelle embarks on an important mission—to protect the strangers that are arriving in Trimoria.

Upon arrival, the strangers will find danger that she hopes to shield them from.

As these threads weave together, the fate of all of Trimoria hangs in the balance.

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