Reading Levels for my books – publisher providing free AR tests

I have received lots of queries about whether my books are part of the Accelerated Reader program in schools, and if I knew how many “AR points” they were worth.

The next question I get is, “Is there an AR test for these books?”

The answer oddly enough is both “yes” and “no.”

Any school who needs access to an AR test for one of the books can contact the publisher ( and ask them for a test. Evidently the Accelerated Reader program from Renaissance Learning charges schools for the tests. The publicist told me that the company seemed a touch prickly about when and if they even provide tests, so my publisher is providing to schools (for free) a test for these titles upon request by a verifiable school.

Here is the data

Heirs of Prophecy:
ATOS Book Level:   5.6
AR Points:                 15

Tools of Prophecy:
ATOS Book Level:   6.0
AR Points:                 14

I’ve updated my “Writing For Youth” page with this information for those who feel they want it and if this post gets otherwise lost.

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