Blog Tour Continuing through July/August/September – Updated July 22nd

Yes, I too was a bit confused when the publicist mentioned it.  I had a conversation with her that went something like this:

    • Bubbly Publicist Girl declared, “Mike, you are going on a blog tour!”
    • Mike scratched his head with a puzzled look and said something witty like, “Huh?”
    • Bubbly Publicist Girl rolled her eyes in an exasperated manner and explained, “It’s really simple. You will do blog interviews with a couple blogs and they will give us wider exposure to people we might not normally contact.”
    • Mike still seemed puzzled as he asked, “What do I need to do for a blog interview? Where do these happen? What are you signing me up for?”
    • Annoyed Publicist Girl stared at Mike with a bit of disbelief and said, “Don’t worry. You’ll get some e-mails with some random questions about who and what you are and about the book. People will want to know more about you. Just answer the e-mails in a timely manner and I’ll handle the rest.”
    • Mike looked doubtful but grudgingly said, “Okay…”

Well, that conversation happened a month or two ago. So as you might imagine – some of Bubbly’s descriptions were a bit lacking – but the overall theme was correct. I did get lots of interesting interview questions, exposed more of my “inner self” than I ever intended to (I mean who really needs to know about my candy habits?) and the “couple” wasn’t quite what it measured up to be.   I do hope you folks enjoy as the blog tour unfolds over the next month or two.

Monday, June 10th:  Dad of Divas Review
Wednesday, June 13th:  Starting Fresh NYC
Monday, June 18th:  There’s a Book
Tuesday, June 19th:  The Written World
Wednesday, June 20th:  Reviews by Molly
Thursday, June 21st:  Reviews from the Heart
Monday, June 25th:  Sweet Southern Home
Monday, June 25th:  Live To Read ~Krystal
Monday, June 25th:  TaraLenWalker
Tuesday, June 26th:  One Librarian’s Book Reviews
Tuesday, June 26th:  Ramblings of a Coffee Addicted Writer
Wednesday, June 27th:  Rogues Angels
Wednesday, June 27th:  Hopelessly Devoted Bibliophile
Thursday, June 28th:  Mindful Musings
Thursday, June 28th:  Mr. Book Wonder
Friday, June 29th:  Books Are Magic
Monday, July 2nd:  WV Stitcher
Monday, July 2nd: Hope. Dreams. Life… Love
Tuesday, July 3rd:  Indie Reader Houston
Tuesday, July 3rd: It’s Raining Books
Wednesday, July 4th:  Lisa Haselton’s Reviews and Interviews
Thursday, July 5th: Long and Short Reviews (interview)
Friday, July 6th:  From Tots to Teens
Friday, July 6th:   D. Renee Bagby Presents YA First Chapters
Monday, July 9th:  “That’s Swell!”
Monday, July 9th:  Reviewing Shelf
Tuesday, July 10th:  Books Are Magic
Wednesday, July 11th:  Welcome to My World of Dreams
Wednesday, July 11th:  Geo Librarian
Thursday, July 12th:  Journey of a Bookseller
Thursday, July 12th:  It’s Raining Books
Friday, July 13th:   White Sky Project
Friday, July 13th:   Long and Short Reviews (Review Heirs)
Monday, July 16th:  Mundie Kids (Review Heirs)
Tuesday, July 17th:  Owl for YA
Wednesday, July 18th: Chapter by Chapter
Thursday, July 19th: Book and A Latte
Friday, July 20th:  Sweeping Me
Monday, July 23rd: Reading in the Corner
Monday, July 23rd: Welcome to My World of Dreams
Tuesday, July 24th: Soul Unsung
Tuesday, July 24th: Kristy Centeno
Wednesday, July 25th: Proud Book Nerd
Wednesday, July 25th: White Sky Project
Thursday, July 26th: Books Are Magic
Thursday, July 26th: Bitter Sweet Enchantment
Thursday, June 26th:  Hopelessly Devoted Bibliophile (Review Tools)
Friday, July 27th: My Life with Books
Friday, July 27th: Book ‘Em North Carolina
Monday, July 30th: My Reading Room
Monday, July 30th: Indie Designz
Tuesday, July 31st: Book Brats
Tuesday, July 31st:  TaraLenWalker 
Wednesday, August 1st: Paranormal Indulgence
Wednesday, August 1st:  Rogues Angels 
Thursday, August 2nd: Mandy Kay Reads
Thursday, August 2nd: Writers and Authors 
Friday, August 3rd: Snowdrop Dreams
Monday, August 6th:  Welcome to My World of Dreams (Review Tools)
Tuesday, August 7th:   Long and Short Reviews (Review Tools)
Wednesday, August 8th:  It’s Raining Books (Review Tools)
Thursday, August 9th:   White Sky Project (Review Tools)
Friday, August 10th:  Books Are Magic (Review Tools)
Monday, August 13th: Turning the Pages (Review Tools)
Tuesday, August 14th: Kristy Centeno (Review Tools)
Thursday, August 16th:  Journey of a Bookseller (Review Tools)
Friday, August 17th:  Mr. Book Wonder (Review Tools)
Monday, September 24th: A Diary Of A Book Addict (Review both)
Tuesday, September 25th: Sweet Southern Home (Review Tools)
Tuesday, September 25th: Firestar Books (Review both)
Wednesday, September 26th: A Tale of Many Reviews (Interview)
Thursday, September 27th: Unabridged Bookshelf (Review both)
Thursday, September 27th: Whoopeeyoo (Review both)
Friday, September 28th: DanaSquare (Review both)
Friday, September 28th: Bookshelf Confessions (Excerpt Heirs)

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