Preference – first or third person writing?

First person or third person? Which do you prefer?

Most novels nowadays are written in third person. E.g. A pounding on the door snapped Ryan from his reverie. At the sound, Aaron woke with a start, launching from the bed as if someone had lit his underwear on fire.

Some can be written in first person. E.g. I was still in bed when Father poked his head into my tent. “Good morning my heart. You shouldn’t sleep the day away.”

1st person narratives are told by a character within the story. This narrator can be identified by the use of the pronoun, “I” when relating to objects or events within the story.

3rd person limited narratives are told by an observer of the story. Limited narratives are identified by the inability of the narrator to know what is going on in the thoughts of all of the characters, all of the time.

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  1. firebooks
    Jul 16, 2012 @ 16:04:08

    I really think it depends on the story being told. Often something on more personal growth does better with first person or third person limited but something truly epic does better with third person omniscient because there are often times where it is impossible for the protagonist to be at all major events that need to be relayed to the reader.


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