The author disease…

I just watched the movie Battleship.

By the way – it was a good movie.

Yes I chomped on popcorn, drank a soda, and contemplated whether I was going to take one more of my kid’s twizzlers.

What I found more amusing was that I kept tracking the storyline arcs and related them to how easy this would be to write a novel about. The way the screenwriters wove the storyline arcs were very well done and I kept thinking about some of those ideas and jabbed quick notes into my iPhone about some events in book 3 that need to achieve similar suspense.

I guess in brief, even when watching a movie, I was applying it to writing techniques and thoughts….  I’ll admit it was the first time I ever thought of a movie with the storyline arcs as the item of fascination for me.

Insanity? Maybe… Definitely a bit preoccupied…. ;-)


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