Yes, this author is crazy…

You’d think that once I finished the text and self-edits and handed it to the publisher’s editor I’d sit back and relax a little.

That IS what a sane person would do isn’t it?

Well, here it is, finished dinner – kids are playing video games as a treat before they go to bed, and I am up here tweaking the outline for book 3.

For those who have read my posts about the writing procedures I follow, you know that I am a big outliner. I polish it until I am very happy with the directions, the twists and expected turns of the story – and once completed, I then jump into the writing phase.

Well, no pausing between books right now it seems. I’m working the details of the outline right now.

For those who plan to follow the story lines I am putting out – I suppose that is good news.

The more demand that my stories generate, the more likely you’ll have more tales within the world of Trimoria. I am somewhat partial to the epic nature of multi-volume stories, so those are the kind of things you can typically expect from me.

I hope you enjoy TOOLS OF PROPHECY which comes out July 1st and August 1st (EBook & Hardcopy versions respectively).

PRINCESS INTERRUPTED is currently slated for end of the year – for those who are intrigued by the princess Arabelle (who becomes a much bigger member of the cast in TOOLS/Book 2) you will learn why she is who she is with this prequel. Also don’t be surprised you’ll learn a whole lot more about the backstory of many of the other cast members that should be intriguing to all of you.  Heck, there may even be hints about things that happen in Book 3 showing up in the prequel.

Have a wonderful Father’s day everyone.


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